Reserve Bikes

STEP 1 Request your reservations :

E-mail request to:


Please list each rider’s gender, height,  and rental date(s).


  call: (860) 460-6891

Please DO NOT send credit card information by e-mail. Credit card information will be processed through PayPal (This is for your own credit security protection)

STEP 2We will  invoice through PayPal, with your rental agreement and rider waiver(s) to sign and fax or mail.

You pay with PayPal, which provides a receipt of your payment, and we send you e-mail confirmation including your bicycle lock combination number(s).

STEP 3 When you arrive, check the bike(s) and equipment.  Any questions or concerns, please call us before you use the bikes and equipment. We are always glad to help – it is part of our service.

Enjoy riding,  and then just lock everything the way you found it at your accommodations when you finish. We will pick up the bikes.


For further information please call (860) 460-6891

or e-mail with title “BIKE RENTAL QUESTION”